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European Environmental Association experts praise solar yacht


On December 6, 2017, experts from the European Environmental Protection Association were invited to Xiamen, China, to inspect the environmental protection and governance of Xiamen. Experts came to Yundang Lake and experienced the first domestic solar cruise ship jointly developed and produced by Xiamen Guanyu Technology Co., Ltd. and others. The experts all gave thumbs up and praised the solar cruise ship for energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon, and technology. It has no oil pollution, no exhaust gas, and fully realizes zero carbon emissions. It is a truly green tour boat. Experts from the European Environmental Protection Association believe that it can be widely used in green business reception, green tourism and leisure in inland rivers, lakes, coastal and other water systems. It is understood that the European Environmental Protection Association, headquartered in London, is the earliest and most influential environmental law public welfare organization in Europe. The Association brings together lawyers and scientists to provide positive solutions to local, national and global environmental challenges. In 2015, the European Environmental Protection Association came to China to support the Chinese government to strengthen environmental governance, support the drafting and implementation of environmental laws and regulations, carry out environmental law enforcement training and knowledge exchange, and improve its law enforcement capabilities.


Beijing Aerospace Microsystem Research Institute and our company signed a strategic cooperation agreement


The golden autumn is October and the autumn is crisp. This is a fruitful harvest season. On October 29, 2017, Beijing Aerospace Microsystem Research Institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement with our company in Xiamen. The main leaders attending the signing ceremony were Chen Dongsheng, director of Beijing Aerospace Microsystem Research Institute, Guo Zhanyu, assistant director of Beijing Aerospace Microsystem Research Institute, Chen Songhui, Secretary General of science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Electronic Technology Research Institute, and Wei Yi, chairman of Xiamen Guanyu Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Aerospace Microsystems Research Institute is affiliated to the China Aerospace Electronics Technology Research Institute, and has long been committed to the development and production of high-end aerospace equipment, weapon models, and the development of aerospace technology application industries. After friendly consultation, the two sides agreed to reach a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the basis of policies in line with the national macroeconomic and regulatory policies, industrial policies and regional development, adhere to the principles of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win, and equal priority, constantly expand the areas of cooperation, improve the level of cooperation, and build a new pattern of benign interaction and common development. The two sides will cooperate in four major areas: the establishment of an aerospace-Guanyu military-civilian collaborative innovation center, satellite applications, marine unmanned systems platform, and talent team building. After the meeting, the two sides held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. The successful signing of the contract between Guanyu Technology Company and the Microsystem Research Institute means that Guanyu Technology will cooperate more closely and deeply with the Microsystem Research Institute, and at the same time inject a new source into the new round of development of Guanyu Company.


Guanyu Technology Successfully Listed on the New Third Board


Warmly congratulate Xiamen Guanyu Technology Co., Ltd. on July 1, 2015 officially listed the "new three board". The company was established in 2004 and is located in Xiamen Haicang Investment Zone with a registered capital of 34.26 million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and system service of solar energy application products. The company is a model enterprise of "military-civilian integration. The company's main products are: flexible monocrystalline silicon solar cell modules, flexible amorphous silicon solar cell modules, solar luxury yachts, vehicle solar power generation systems, mobile solar energy storage power supplies, PV-LED solar lighting, household solar window-type household systems, building integrated solar photovoltaic power generation system products. The company's main development direction: a solar high-end intelligent power generation application, two PV-LED Internet intelligent application technology, three smart can be separated and household distributed solar application technology, four mobile new energy high-end products (solar yachts, saloon cars, power generation vehicles, etc.). The company has 5 invention patents and more than 100 other patents. At present, the company is carrying out the expansion of the second phase plant of 35000 square meters, speeding up the improvement of various supporting facilities and automated production equipment, moving towards the "industrial manufacturing 4.0", expanding production capacity and improving production conditions to meet market demand. It is believed that Guanyu can usher in new opportunities for rapid development on the basis of the successful listing of the "New Third Board" and create a new and beautiful tomorrow.

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