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European Environmental Association experts praise solar yacht


On December 6, 2017, experts from the European Environmental Protection Association were invited to Xiamen, China, to inspect the environmental protection and governance of Xiamen. Experts came to Yundang Lake and experienced the first domestic solar cruise ship jointly developed and produced by Xiamen Guanyu Technology Co., Ltd. and others. The experts all gave thumbs up and praised the solar cruise ship for energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon, and technology. It has no oil pollution, no exhaust gas, and fully realizes zero carbon emissions. It is a truly green tour boat. Experts from the European Environmental Protection Association believe that it can be widely used in green business reception, green tourism and leisure in inland rivers, lakes, coastal and other water systems. It is understood that the European Environmental Protection Association, headquartered in London, is the earliest and most influential environmental law public welfare organization in Europe. The Association brings together lawyers and scientists to provide positive solutions to local, national and global environmental challenges. In 2015, the European Environmental Protection Association came to China to support the Chinese government to strengthen environmental governance, support the drafting and implementation of environmental laws and regulations, carry out environmental law enforcement training and knowledge exchange, and improve its law enforcement capabilities.

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